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Carlos Reinés Agent & Producer

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Lives in Madrid. Studied cinematography in the E.S.C.A.C. Barcelona film school.

2016. La sonata del silencio, fiction series for TVE channel and The glass coffin, a new feature film, will both be released in 2016.

2015. Two feature films on cinemas this year:  Negociador, a comedy written and directed by Borja Cobeaga, and the musical comedy Los miércoles no existen, directed by Peris Romano.

2014. Open Windows, a thriller directed by Nacho Vigalondo, is his first feature with an international cast: Elijah Wood, Sasha Grey and Neil Maskell. Premiered at South by Southwest Festival 2014 and released by Cinedigm in USA.

2014. Comedy Central airs the TV comedy series The end of comedy in Spain, a huge critic success portraying the ordinary life of comedian Ignatius Farray.

2014. Purgatory , directed by Pau Teixidor , is a horror film starring Oona Chaplin and Sergi Mendez. Premiered at Malaga Film Festival 2014.

2011. His feature Extraterrestrial  was premiered at Toronto TIFF 2011, Austin Fantastic Fest and San Sebastian Film Festival. Focus Features released “Extraterrestrial” in U.S.A.


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Goya Awards Nominee 2014, best shortfilm “Lucas”

Sundance 2010 Award for the shortfilm “How I met your father”

Oscar Academy Awards 2005. Best live action shortfilm nominee “7:35 in the morning”.

Goya Awards Nominee 2009, best shortfilm “The one in charge”


In 2008 he co-founded with director Álex Montoya the production company Morituri, focused on feature films and short films production like She’s lost control, How I met your father, Marina and  Lucas, and collaborating in feauture films like Extreterrestrial and Stockholm.


2015 Los miércoles no existen (Feature . Fiction . In post-production)
2014 VHS. VIRAL (Feature. Fiction) Segment “Parallel Monsters”
2014 The end of comedy (TV series . Comedy)
2014 Negociador (Feature . Fiction)
2014 Purgatory (Feature. Fiction)
2014 Open Windows (Feature. Fiction)
2013 Democracy (Shortfilm)
2012 The ABCs of death (Feature. Fiction)
2012 Lucas (Shortfilm)
2012 Muertas de asco / Sick dead (Shortfilm)
2012 Tesla. Versión 4 (Shortfilm)
2011 La media pena (Shortfilm)
2011 Combatidos (Shortfilm)
2011 Extraterrestrial (Feature. Fiction)
2011 Valeria descalza / Barefoot Valeria (Feature. Fiction)
2011 She’s Lost Control (Shortfilm)
2010 Esto no es amor  (Shortfilm)
2010 Marina (Shortfilm)
2009 Marisa (Shortfilm)
2009 Cómo conocí a tu padre / HOW I met your father
2008 Hoy no se fía, mañana sí / Forever waiting (Feature. Fiction)
2008 El encargado / The one in charge
2007 Timecrimes (Feature. Fiction)
2007 Tras un largo silencio / After a long silence (Feature. Documentary)
2007 Domingo / Sunday (Shortfilm)
2005 Hoja de ruta (Shortfilm)
2005 Choque (Shortfilm)
2005 El punto ciego (Shortfilm)
2003 7:35 de la mañana / 7:35 in the morning (Shortfilm)
2003 Pornography (Shortfilm)